Professional SERVICES

We take great pride in the quality of our work and make it our priority to ensure this is followed through at all levels of service, whether it is a fully fitted installation and room decor or a simple tap replacement.

  • Bathroom & Shower


    Bathrooms:Whatever your bathroom or shower aspiration from contemporary elegance to simplicity on an affordable scale, we will work with you to find the best quality products for your budget, with the end result always giving you the feeling that you’ve spent your hard earned money well.

  • Kitchen Services


    Kitchens:We’ve taken a different approach on how we work with customers on kitchens. Are you aware that when you order your kitchen and have it fitted by leading retailers you are almost paying twice as much for the fitting that you would if you had talked to us. Our different approach is that we’ll work with you to find a solution that works for you.
    We can guide you and help you choose quality products, then once the final decision is made we’ll come and fit your pre-purchased kitchen, efficiently, cleanly and to budget.

  • Plumbing Services


    Plumbing: You have more than likely guessed by now that we are quite keen on plumbing. Working with a City & Guilds qualified plumber we can also help you out with other plumbing projects. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your thoughts and ideas.

  • Tiling Services


    Tiling: We have a wide range of supplier contacts within the industry; so you can be assured of a fully streamlined service at any stage of the tiling process. From Removing old tiles, preparing surfaces, waterproofing, under floor heating, purchasing tiles, adhesives, grouts and fitting all makes of indoor & outdoor tiles including sealing and polishing.

    Under floor heating | Waterproofing / wet rooms | Tile Edge polishing | Surface preparation | Natural stone | Ceramic tiles | Porcelain | Mosaics, Victorian / Geometric tiling

Great value, Quality Service

Even if we can’t beat a quote given by a leading retailer you can rest assure that when dealing with L A Plumbing Solutions you will always be dealing with the same, qualified professional plumber with years of experience, quite often we are called out to jobs where a less experienced plumber has had to come up with a solution.. and it was the wrong one, with customers experiencing difficulties in resolving this. This just would not happen if you deal with LA Plumbing Solutions.

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